Retirement Distribution

Retirement Distribution Services That Save Time, Reduce Risk and Lower Operating Costs

Managing distributions from a retirement plan can be a time-consuming and costly process that places an unwanted burden on your staff. Mehalick Insurance Agency and it's alliances can lighten your administrative load with a complete menu of innovative retirement distribution services. Whether you're an institutional plan provider, third-party administrator or plan sponsor, we offer cost-effective retirement plan distribution solutions that help to achieve your asset distribution goals while freeing up staff to spend more time focusing on your customers.

From benefit elections to payment processing, IRA solutions, uncashed checks help and more, Mehalick Insurance Agency and it's alliances offers a comprehensive end-to-end retirement plan distribution process that keeps you compliant while meeting all your retirement distribution needs.

Retirement Plan Distributions You Can Trust Backed by 27 years of industry experience, Mehalick Insurance Agency and it's alliances offers fast, affordable retirement distribution solutions to make your retirement benefit processing simple and profitable. Using state-of-the-art technology, our knowledgeable advisors work with you to efficiently process payments, locate missing participants, establish rollover IRAs, provide specialized help and manage other essential retirement plan distribution processes.

All Mehalick Insurance Agency and it's alliances benefits distribution systems and services are audited on a regular basis. We utilize stringent security procedures to protect your information. Our simple, flat fee structures make it easy to understand all the associated costs up front. And all fees can be charged directly to the participant's account so there is zero cost to the plan sponsor or TPA.