Estate Planning

​Defining your legacy

When you've spent a lifetime building your wealth, or perhaps a family-owned business, you want to know your hard work will leave a legacy for others to enjoy. Whether it is your family or a charitable institution, or both, an estate planning team can help you craft a vision and plan to achieve it.

Making your dream a reality

Mehalick Insurance Agency and it's alliances wealth management team brings together experts in tax, trust services, business transition consulting, and estate planning to help you articulate your goals and develop a comprehensive strategy in order to reach those objectives. The broad range of related services provided by our team allows us to craft the most holistic plan possible and helps ensure your estate is secure and exacted according to your wishes. Drawing on our wealth management team's expertise, you'll be able to optimize the value of your estate and minimize your tax liability while doing it.

The ultimate benefit

Whether your goal is to fund philanthropic pursuits or pass down your estate to the next generation, having a well-defined strategy is the best tool to help you achieve success. Having a team you can trust with the experience and scope to help execute that strategy, as well as design it, is priceless.