At Mehalick Insurance Agency, we know you, and can provide financial services tailored to you. Whether you are looking to start an investment plan, protect your family's assets, plan for your retirement, or pass on a legacy, our advisors can help simplify the investment landscape while providing the resources you'll need to put your plan for the future into action.

Investment guidance to reach your goals

What are you hoping to achieve? Some of your goals may include:

- Retirement Planning

- Annuities

- Insurance

- Long-term care

- Buying a vacation home

- College tuition for your children/grandchildren

- The statistics are sobering

A surprising number of Americans have little or no savings, will need to remain in the workforce longer than they planned, and won't have the funds in retirement to support themselves. Smart money management requires diversification and periodic adjustment. We want you to be invested broadly enough to weather extreme market fluctuations. Plus, we'll schedule regular checkups and recommend changes to reflect your own changing needs and goals.

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We'll talk to you about your current situation, your personal needs and your goals. Then we'll work together to develop a customized investment plan that addresses all three.